Welcome to Bangor District L.O.L. 18

A message from the Worshipful District Master Bro Martyn McCready ,

As the Worshipful District Master of Bangor District Lodge No.18 in Co. Down Northern Ireland, it is an honour and privilege to welcome you to this, our website.Bangor District Lodge is made up from officers and members of the nine Lodges sitting in Orange Halls in Ballygrainey, Conlig, Crawfordsburn, Groomsport and the town of Bangor.

Geographically, Bangor is situated 14 miles east of Belfast in Co. Down.Historically, our “claim to fame” is that the Duke of Schomberg and his army arrived in Groomsport to pave the way for King William III to cross the sea to Ireland on 14th June to battle with King James II. King William’s army marched from Carrickfergus towards Dublin, the seat of the government in Ireland, meeting Schomberg and joining forces in Dundalk. Moving southwards they soon confronted King James, who was encamped with his army on the south bank of the Boyne River. What happened next as they say is History.

That decisive victory over popery and tyranny is still celebrated by Orangemen and Protestants at venues throughout Ulster, Ireland, the United Kingdom and across the world.

Central to the Orange institution are the three principles, which have evolved since Orangeism became an organised movement.

  • The reformed faith which proclaims the gospel truth that Christ died for our sins, and that salvation can be obtained by all who repent of their sin, and accept Christ as their personal saviour.
  • The maintenance of the democratic freedom provided within the British constitution, preserved through the crown in parliament and upheld by the sovereigns courts; where all men are equal under the law and all men are subject to the law.
  • The political union with Great Britain, recognising that civil and religious liberty are better preserved within the framework of the United Kingdom.