LOL 1027

Sons of Ulster (LOL 1027)

Under the auspices of Bangor District LOL No. 18 the foundation meeting of Sons of Ulster LOL 1027 was held on 13th December 1921 in Bangor Orange Hall, Hamilton Road, Bangor.

The Deputy District Master, Brother H J Watterson occupied the chair, and was assisted by Brother Isaac Walker the District Treasurer who occupied the Deputy Chair. An apology was received for the Worshipful District Master Brother J Camlin who was unable to attend because of other committments.

The main business of the night was the election of officers and the following posts were filled : –

Worshipful Master: Brother William McConkey
Deputy Master: Brother Frank Hardy
Chaplain: Brother William Kane
Secretary: Brother R E Thompson
Treasurer: Brother John McMahon
First Committee: Brother Alexander Major
Second Committee: Brother Richard Graham

Other business included setting the Dues at 6d per month and the Initiation Fees at 5/-.

A total of twenty two names were put forward for membership.

The first full meeting of the Lodge was held in Bangor Orange Hall on 10th January 1922 when the District Master Brother John Camlin installed the elected officers after which a vote of thanks was accorded to the District Officers.
The main business on this first night was the granting of approval for the purchase of a lodge seal at a cost of 10/- and the purchase of 1000 circulars at a cost of one pound.
A further five names were put forward for membership.
During the early years the most notable and interesting occurrences were:-

14th February 1922 Lodge applied for the Royal Arch Purple Chapter Warrant.

9th May 1922 The Grand Lodge Levy was set at 6d per member. Brother R E Thompson was to arrange a Char-a-Banc for the 12th July demonstration. Walking dues were set at 2/6 whether member walked or not !!!

8th August 1922 The purchase of the first banner was discussed at length with the final decision being made in April 1923. The portrait of Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson was decided for the front and William returning to camp on the back with a border of Orange and Blue. The cost of the Banner was Thirty Seven pounds and four shillings.

February 1934 and February 1935 The Lodge won the Worshipful District Master’s prize for recruiting the most new members. The prizes were a Bible and Table Cloth.

February 1936 A motion was passed that all lodge members serving in His Majesty’s Forces be exempt from paying dues.

November 1936 The ritual of 9 o’clock was first observed and a gong was presented by Brother W J McBride at the April meeting in 1937.

September 1939 A motion was passed to grant all lodge members serving in His Majesty’s Forces a full lodge attendance.

March 1940 The lodge moved their meetings to the Herald Hall in Bingham Street and returned to the Orange Hall in Hamilton Road in 1944.
During the War, letters were received from many serving Brethren and read to lodge members at the monthly meetings. Meetings were cancelled in June, July and August in 1942 and 1943 and all 12th July parades were cancelled for the duration of the war.

During these early years the members enjoyed an active social calendar and attended various functions, some of which were:-
Chain Teas, New Year’s Eve Dances, Past Masters Dinners, and Box Lunch Concerts

Other outings included the Opening of Crawfordsburn Orange Hall in June 1932 and Groomsport Orange Hall in March 1934.

During the period from 1941 to 1979 the social events seemed to wane but the Lodge continued to expand and other events took place which merit mention : –

May 1948 Members of Sons of Ulster LOL 759 Belfast, attended the Lodge meeting and were warmly welcomed by the Worshipful Master and a relationship between the two lodges flourished for a number of years.

11th July 1956 A new banner was unfurled at a ceremony in Castle Grounds, Bangor. The opening address was given by the Worshipful District Master Wor. Brother A M Campbell P.M.The Banner was unfurled by Mrs Olive McConkey wife of the late Wor. Brother W J McConkey the First Past Master of the Lodge. Brother Rev. W J McKinstry Wallace B.A. District Chaplain carried out the Dedication and the general vote of thanks was proposed by Brother Dr.R S Nixon M.P. and seconded by Brother Cecil Young WM.

August 1957 It was proposed that the Lodge travel to Glasgow in July 1958 to take part in the Scottish Celebrations.

March 1959 A wreath laying ceremony with LOL 677 and LOL 447 was proposed and it was agreed that it take place in July that year. It was further agreed at the next lodge meeting that all lodges in the District be invited.

September 1962 The lodge attended a Covenant Day parade in Belfast. The County Down Lodges met in Chichester Street, Belfast.

December 1962 A new office of Immediate Past Master was proposed and accepted. The said Immediate Past Master was to sit at the right of the Worshipful Master.

June 1965 White gloves were approved to be worn at all parades. Lodge flags were purchased at a cost of 24 pounds.

8th July 1972 A new banner was unfurled which had the Bible and Crown on the front and on the rear King William.

March 1973 A Junior Warrant was applied for and was granted with the first meeting of Sons of Ulster Junior LOL 185 being held in May 1973.

The Warrant for the Lodge was issued to Bro. William J. McConkey on 1st December 1921, although a Warrant for Sons of Ulster L.O.L. 1027 is in Canada, dated 1797. The R.B.P.C. Warrant was issued to Bro McConkey on 24th October 1922.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8.00pm in Bangor Orange Hall and visitors will be most welcome.