LOL 1229

Robert C Whiteside Memorial Temperance

The formation of Robert C Whiteside Memorial Temperance LOL1229 orignated from a conversation between neighbours who had come to the Bangor area from Belfast in the early seventies. Five men who all found themselves living in the same avenue in Bangor West

All were menbers of the Orange Order with lodges sitting in East and West Belfast and as most brethern are aware,it was extremely difficult and somewhat dangerous to travel in those early days of chaos and disorder.

On approaching Bangor District prior to applying for the warrant,they were rather dismayed at the welcome displayed by some members who suggested that they ought to be transferring to existing lodges in Bangor. They were not deterred and with great assistance from the late Bro. Albert Graham and the late Bro. “Bertie” Whiteside a warrent was applied for from Grand Lodge. Tragically Bertie died before it was issued, it then being decided to name the Lodge in his honour and to make Bro. Graham an honorary member for their hard work and dedicated support. It was however decided that the new lodge take up the offer from Crawfordsburn LOL1091 to locate at their hall where we have remained and have always enjoyed great fellowship since our formation

The warrant was issued in 1974.

The lodge attracted many characters,Jimmy Beresford(Sen) affectionately known as “Bersey”, Billy Squance(Squancer) and others who were great ambassadors for the lodge and Orangeism in general. We are very proud of the lodges contribution to the district and have provided one District Master, with other members filling many other district positions over the years

Though always small in numbers, it was and still is our policy to be selective in accepting members into the lodge