LOL 589

Schomberg True Blues (LOL 589)


L.O.L. 589 is a country lodge sitting in the village of Groomsport. The present hall is on the Springwell Road moving up from the village Main Street in 1933. The ladies of the W.L.O.L. 77 also use it for their meetings and their help and support over the years has been invaluable. The lodge meets each second Friday in the month at 8.00pm.

The lodge has taken the name of Schomberg True Blues in memory of Frederick Duke of Schomberg who landed in Groomsport on the 13th August on his way to meet King William III at the battle of the Boyne.
When L.O.L. 589 received it’s original warrant, it was given the number 859 but tea was spilt on it during a function and a new one was requested. However, due to a clerical error it was issued with a warrant for number 589 and so has remained ever since.
A new extension was built onto the hall and was opened by Worshipful Bro. J. Shields PDM. The work was carried out by volunteers but much of the credit must go to Mr Eddie Larmour, husband of Lens Larmour PM of W.L.O.L.77. His work will ever be remembered by all brethren.

The village of Groomsport and indeed L.O.L.589 has hosted the annual District 12th July demonstrations many times in past years, the most recent being in 1989, the 300th Anniversary of the landing of the Duke of Schomberg. To commemorate this various services were held and a new banner was pur
chased with funds raised by the hard work of many loyal members.

The present Worshipful Master leads a lodge of some 17 members and is a hard working Bro. for the good of our lodge and hall. His contribution to Orangeism will be immense in coming years.

Over the years, L.O.L.589 has had it’s highs and lows. A high worthy of note is the fact that four of our members have had the privilege to be elected as Worshipful District Master of Bangor District L.O.L.18. These brethren Bro. Jim Topley who occupied the post in 1972 ,Bro. John Waterson in 1995, Bro. Paul Steele in 2004 and the most recent appointment was Bro. Howard McCutchen in 2008. This indeed was a great honour not only for the these brethren but for the lodge as a whole, as it shows the quality of men that L.O.L.589 has produced over the years. Unfortunately, Wor. Bro. Topley has passed away, but the other brethren are still working tirelessly for the good of the lodge, district and institution.


As this is just a short introduction to our web page, I will end for now. We will be updating you with more of our history, forthcoming events, short picture profiles, continuing work to our hall and anything that promotes the ideals of our institution. May I leave you with this thought:

In God we Trust.