LOL 726

Bangor Abbey (LOL 726)

The above Lodge was formed in 1947 by members of the Bangor Abbey parish and the first Worshipful Master was Worshipful Brother George Clarke. At the time of formation the lodge was not allowed to recruit from other lodges in Bangor District for a period of 10 years, which was subsequently changed to 7 years.
The lodge sits in Bangor Abbey Parochial Halls and is reputed to be the only lodge that does not sit in an Orange hall. The Lodge banner has a painting of Bangor Abbey church on it and this is carried with great pride by the members of the lodge.
It is a tradition that on the 12th morning the lodge invites a Minister from Bangor Abbey to lead the Brethren in a short service before they move off and join with Bangor District in celebrating the Twelfth. On returning from the demonstration the lodge finishes the day by parading back to the Church.

The Lodge recently celebrated its 50th year and this was marked by a very successful Dinner Dance Held in the Marine Court Hotel. There was also a special service in Bangor Abbey Church at which the Lodge presented new Hymn books to the Church to mark the anniversary.

Over the years the lodge has fully supported Bangor District and this has been evident with the number of members who have held various offices with the district and at present there are two Past District Masters within our ranks – Wor. Bros. G.F.H. Rowan and R. L. Cree.

Wor. Bro. G. F. H. Rowan was District Master in 1989/90 during the Tercentenary Celebrations and when deciding to attend a demonstration in Carrickfergus to mark the landing of King William the lodge decided to hire a boat to cross Belfast Lough to land at Carrickfergus as King William would have.
This is a short introduction about the Abbey Lodge which has a membership of over 40 members with a good mixture of experienced and young members who all play their part in the workings of the Lodge.